Thursday, 3 March 2016

Here Is What Richard Gere Thinks Of Donald Trump

“Here's a guy who's obviously Mussolini,” says the actor and Hollywood A-lister Richard Gere, who's in London to raise awareness of homelessness with a new film called Time Out of Mind. He's been on the road for the past week — to Dublin and Glasgow, visiting homeless shelters, meeting people on the streets — and talks with a pained weariness, as though Trump and his supporters were personally responsible for his jet lag.
“How is it possible that people would be supporting this guy? You can try to find reasons. It's about how disillusioned they are, how afraid, how confused. [Trump] is a demagogue, a clown — but people like clarity. Here's this guy who says, 'I'm going to fix this problem for you. It doesn't matter how, I'll just take care of it'. He's finding villains everywhere and then telling people he'll get rid of them.” Gere extends the dictator analogy, alluding to Trump's pledge to close borders to Muslims and build a wall between the US and Mexico.
“We'll get rid of the Jews, the blacks.Anyone that we perceive as a problem, we'll get rid of. This is how it starts. Intelligent people aren't seeing this — don't make the mistake of thinking it's just idiots who are backing Trump this kind of thinking is a slippery slope. “in general, yes, my heart would be [with the Democratic campaign]”. But the vehemence of his analysis is startling. Trump isn't leading a political insurgency, he says. To call him a radical is to flatter his candidacy with an intellectual foundation that simply doesn't exist. “He's something different. In Freudian terms he's the Id [the hidden, unconscious part of the psyche responsible for instinctive and primitive behaviours]. He's the Pandora's Box of craziness — all the out-of-control, wacky impulses, with no superego to make sense of them