Saturday, 26 March 2016

First Ever ‘Virtual Reality’ Cancer Operation Will Be Livestreamed

Dr Shafi Ahmed, consultant surgeon at St Bartholomew’s Hospital

A cancer patient in the UK will be the first ever to have his operation streamed using virtual reality technology.

Viewers will get a surgeon’s-eye view of the operation using a headset and a smartphone, making them feel as though they are in the theatre as well.

It will work using specialist cameras placed above the operating table while consultant surgeon Dr Shafi Ahmed works.

The whole thing will be broadcast live from the Royal London Hospital on April 14 and will last between two and three hours.His patient will be a British man in his 70s with colon cancer. He is said to be ‘excited’ about having his operation watched by thousands of people across the globe.

Although the broadcast will be live, it will be delayed by around a minute in case of anything going wrong.