Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Man loses wallet, stranger returns cards but keeps cash

A New Yorker faced with such a decision decided on somewhere between the two when he found Reilly Flatherty's wallet at a Wilco concert in Brooklyn. After searching the venue and his Uber for the wallet, Flatherty dejectedly returned home to Manhattan, assuming that he wouldn't see his money or cards again.
He told Mashable: “I was fairly certain [my wallet] was lost and not coming back, but I held onto a little hope that it was lost at a Wilco show in Brooklyn, and most of the people I know that are into Wilco's brand of music are generally good people.”
“I was thinking there could be a small chance one of those people will find it and I will be reunited with my $10 Barnes & Noble gift certificate and shoe shine loyalty card,” he said. “Turns out I was 50% right.”
A week after losing his wallet, Flaherty received a note in the mail, along with his credit cards, driver's license and shoe shine loyalty card (thank GOD)
“Dear Reilly Flaherty,
I found your wallet and your drivers license and your address so here's your credit cards and other important stuff. I kept the cash because I needed weed, the metrocard because well the fare's $2.75 now, and the wallet cause it's kinda cool. Enjoy the rest of your day. Toodles, Anonymous”
The strange mix of concern, unapologetic selfishness and instruction to “enjoy the rest of your day” paints a picture of a guy torn between doing the right thing and treating himself to a date with Mary Jane. In the end, he settles on an underwhelming sort-of act of kindness, while gaining a “kinda cool” wallet and a travel card in the process.
Flaherty wasn't impressed with Anonymous's response as he had already replaced all his cards and ID. He said: “Sadly, this is the plot of Breaking Bad all over again, but instead of meth and illegal firearms, we're dealing in stolen MetroCards and vintage leather goods.”