Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Kanye At It AGAIN!!! Kim Reportedly Wants Kanye West to Chill With the Tweets

In his latest series of Tweets on Tuesday (16Feb16), the rapper made a political plea to lower the cost of education, referencing a friend who despite a healthy wage, struggles to afford her son's school textbooks. "I have a friend who works really hard and makes $370 dollars a day...," he wrote, "Her son just got in a really good school and his textbooks are like $400 dollars each...I mean, his mom has to work 2 days just to afford 1 book for her son ...she's giving everything she has to make sure her son has a better future..." Citing late Apple founder Steve Jobs, Kanye continued his call for affordable schooling, writing, "Steve Jobs wanted to lower the cost of textbooks... Education puts Americans into debt before they even get a chance to get started...We have to lower the price of textbooks..." Referencing comments made last year (15) that he would like to run for U.S. President in 2020, he added, "I'd rather teachers got paid more and books cost less ... #2020."

West's constant Twitter rants has started to annoy wife Kim Kardashian.