Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Donald Trump - I Would Beat Hilary to White House

The businessman with no political experience convincingly won the New Hampshire primary and has now laid out his strategy to go all the way.
Elsewhere, Republican Carly Fiorina has announced she is dropping out of the race after getting just 4% of the vote.
South Carolina is next in the state-by-state contest to be Republican pick.
In the Democratic race, Nevada provides the next challenge, with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders keen to carry on his momentum after a stunning victory over Mrs Clinton in New Hampshire.
Polls are showing that I will beat Hillary Clinton easily," he told CBS on Wednesday morning, before outlining his strategy to win states that traditionally have backed Democratic presidential candidates.
"I have a chance of winning New York. You know, you look at these politicians they always talk about the six states - you've got to win this one, that one. You have to win Ohio, you have to win Florida.
"I can change the game because I really have a chance of New York, I'm going to win Virginia. I'm going to win Michigan, as an example."