Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Bread seller(agege) turned model, and now to feature on CNN

I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about precisely. Yes, you’ve heard about it but just in case you didn’t get a hold of the full gist, here you go…. Recently, TY Bello, a Nigerian recording artist and photographer, was having a photo-shoot with a UK music star called Tinnie Tempah.
She had chosen to pitch her set on the streets of Lagos so as, according to her Instagram post, to showcase the beauty of her Lagos rather than be confined in some hole. While on the shoot, a bread seller from Sabo market strayed into the shot. Upon realizing what damage she could have done, this bread hawker became confused, perhaps a little scared, especially with boos and jeers from people who asked her to quickly get out of the set.
Alas, TY Bello, the photographer, signaled her to walk back into the set and asked for her photograph to be taken and she obliged. TY had seen, through her lens, diamond though very much in the rough at this time.
When I saw the pics on TY Bello’s Instagram page, I was pleasantly surprised to know the bread seller concept was not pre-scripted. Kudos to TY Bello for her ingenious shots. The effect of these photos was so overwhelming that the scout for this ‘Waka Pass’ model began. Finally, she was found.

And now, she is to feature on CNN, check her out being dressed and CNN captured the moment