Friday, 26 February 2016

300 Persons Have Been Confirmed Dead Following A Sege On Agatu Local Government Area of Benue State.

300 confirmed dead as Fulani herdsmen attack communities Dokunola 1 hour ago .Fulani herdsmen are reportedly on a mission in Agatu local government, and the number of displaced persons on the rise as no shelter comes in sight. 

David Mark begs President Buhari to wade in a development which was reported to have erupted following the Senate south rerun election in the state.
Villages including Okokolo, Akwu, Ocholonya, Adagbo, Ugboku and Aila were reportedly razed as decomposing bodies of those killed were seen littering the communities. “Several communities including Obagaji, the local government headquarters, where people usually took refuge in the past, have been deserted.“People are fleeing into Ugbokpo in neighbouring Apa council.
“As I speak with you, fighting is still raging; many are missing and we have a huge number of displaced persons without facilities to house them,” a source at the local government confirmed.

Opiatoha K’Idoma, a socio-cultural organisation of Idoma sons and daughters, also issued a statement , “What we see happening in Agatu today can be likened to happenings in the North-East and we call for urgent action by the Federal Government. “The Idoma nation is helpless. “On the other hand, there are no identifiable camps to cater for the Internally Displaced Persons, which include mostly women and children; we call on the Federal Government to establish a full military base in Agatu, otherwise the area will soon become history.”