Saturday, 12 March 2016

Governor Fayose To President Buhari - "DSS Are Taking More Than Their Brief"

The governor, who condemned President Buhari for allegedly aiding the Lawal Daura-led DSS to act beyond its constitutional powers, said there was no quantum of intimidation and harassment that could dissuade him from speaking on national policies that could affect the corporate existence of Nigerian citizens.
“Beyond this judgement , I have always said that the DSS are taking on more than their brief. They have become an instrument of oppression, the law that establish. They are now taking up the job of the police, the EFCC and all other security agencies.
"We would recall that they were at the Akwa Ibom lodge, the government House to harass the Governor. They came to Ekiti too, to do the same thing. But this Ekiti, they are taking on a wrong customer.
“May be they think this will make me to stop criticising the bad policies of the APC Buhari-led government, no. Let me make it very clear to them that majority would have their way, minority would have their say.
“Ours is to continue to help democracy to grow and to help the average man get dividends of democracy by keeping the government in power on its toes. Harassing me would make their government unpopular, I have said that before, and attempting to take me on would bring down their government. 
“I am entitled to my opinion; how would DSS be investigating the finances of a state? How would DSS detain somebody without a court order, and detaining him for one, two weeks? “Anybody who is supporting this act, one day it would be your turn, it is Ekiti today. I urge all Nigerians to rise up and oppose this act of oppression; this country belongs to all of us.
“It is time to stop this harassment, taking away the right of humanity, taking away the right of Nigerians, anything that would take away our rights should be confronted headlong and be stopped. When they finish with politicians, they would take on lawyers and even the journalists”, he concluded.