Saturday, 27 February 2016

President Robert Mugabe Celebrate His 92nd Birthday In Style

The world's oldest leader, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe(Uncle Bob), is set to host lavish celebrations to mark his 92nd birthday at a time of severe drought and increasing friction over his succession.

Tens of thousands of party loyalists, officials and members of the public are expected to attend a day of concerts, street parades and parties in Masvingo in the south-east of the country on Saturday.

"Organisers have been working tirelessly to ensure the celebrations are a success.The main party todaywill be held in a large tent at the Great Zimbabwe ruins, a UNESCO world heritage site that was built in the 13th Century as the headquarters of the Munhumutapa empire.

Robert Mugabe has served as prime minister of Zimbabwe since 1980, and has been the nation's president since 1987. He has been re-elected to the presidency multiple times, but elections have reportedly been tainted by fraud and voter intimidation.