Monday, 29 February 2016

Mitch Winehouse : The Award Wining Documentry 'AMY' Is A Sham

The father of the Rehab singer said he will not change his stance on the film even if it has won an Academy Award. As if Kapadia's Amy won the prestigious gong for best documentary feature film at the Oscars on Sunday night but Mr Winehouse has always been critical of it.

He told the Press Association: ”The film is a sham. And most people know that it's a sham.”It's gratifying to know that people still love Amy, and they love her music, and they love her as a person. But the anger around the film hasn't abated.”

Mitch said the film leaves out positive aspects of Amy's life including her clothes designing and charity work, adding: “It's just a very negative image and portrayal of Amy and her family.”

He said she had wonderful friends and relationships which he says are left out of the film. The star's father used the analogy of making a film about the Second World War and leaving out Dunkirk. “You can't do that. You've got a responsibility as a filmmaker to produce a film that is accurate,” he said.