Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Am Pregnant For My Sister's Husband!!!

So i was on my own surfing to get news when i stumbled upon this. As much as i wont want to judge her, but can't just imagine being in this picture, it's totally crazy. Read story below.

My name is Queen; I came to Lagos when I was 15 years old to live with my sister in order to further my education. Being the younger one, I was more attractive and good looking than my sister. One day I was having my bath one afternoon after I came back from school. I left the house doors unlocked.Unknowingly to me, my sister’s husband whom I address as uncle came home and met the doors unlocked. After having my bath, I walk naked to the room to get towels not knowing that he was around so before I could cover my nakedness, he was already a step away from me. I was so shy but he came close, held me on the shoulder and said I should relax that he won’t hurt me. I didn’t understand what he meant by not hurting me but I was relaxed. He began feeling my tiny breast and was telling me how beautiful I am. He even told me that I’m more attractive than my sister. I was easily carried away by his sweet talks that I didn’t know when he got to the bed. I enjoyed the sensational feeling from his touch and before I know what was happening, he was already finding his way into my bosom. It took time for him to penetrate because it was my first but he used Vaseline. I enjoy the sensation afterwards. That was how I lost my virginity to my sister’s husband. When we finished our hot romance, he promised to take care of me as long as I keep our relationship from my sister. I agreed and ever since then, he showered me with gifts and money.

After my secondary school, I got admission into the University and left my sister’s house for the campus which gave us enough time to enjoy our affair. I fell in love with him because he was my first and he was in love with me too. Towards my completion of my degree, he paid me a visit on campus and asked me to marry him, I was overwhelmed by his proposal but I feel he was crazy. How does he hope to marry two sisters? Can a man marry two sisters at the same time? Secondly I wouldn’t want to share him with any other woman. He agreed to divorce her after my graduation. Now its just months to my graduation and Jackson, my sister’s husband came to tell me that my sister is expecting another baby and that he can’t leave her at this time. I became so furious and disappointed at his decisions because I have already prepared myself that once I leave school, the next thing for me to do is to settle down with the man I love not minding who he is or what his marital status are but this sudden development is trying to cause me my dream of having a happy life. I’m two months pregnant for him. I am totally confused now because I need to settle down after my studies to be able to care for my unborn child but not outside marriage, now Jackson is trying to make the situation difficult for me.

What do I do with this pregnancy?
Can a man marry two sister at the same time.